_FuKt_ (tribal_fuk) wrote,

hmm random messages?

Subject line : YOU!
Had it all, the you let it slip thought your finger tips.
Tell how does it feel to know that you, and only you are the destector in you life?
You will never have the right to blame any one for the mess that you call "life".
You will no never be able to forget these words and you will often wonder .. who I am ? how did I know? and why I would say these things to you ..
Oh my dear boy in time what I know now will one day be your salvation.

I've never really have "had it all". No time in my life I have had it all. Although I've let a few opportunities in life slip through my finger tips but reflection on such does nothing for today. If you meant dissector then, yes I am well aware of that. To blame others because of your lifes so called "mistakes" or wrong turns is completely childish and something I don't part take in. Wonder who? yes considering it's pretty ridiculous your vague words that could be applied to anything or anyone for that matter.
Salvation? hmmm is this the calling? Will I become a bible banger? Are these words from jeebus? Questions that wont be answered. ha

Random anonymous journal comments, wooo!

good day mysterious person. :-D
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