_FuKt_ (tribal_fuk) wrote,

I was there lost and confused. wondering the port area, the city scape was philladelphia. What brought me there I don't know. I was lost and trying to find something, so I made a phone call to a friend to find a place to stay a few nights at. He gave me directions on where to go yet I still wonder in a confused state. I meet up with some girl who he knew and her boyfriend. They were were mildly arguing, I knew deep inside that fresh love wouldn't have a chance if he didn't learn to tip toe and know his boundaries. For some reason, I knew the girl although I've never met her.

Then I awoke...

I thought I would sleep because I started to get tired when I was reading. My lids felt like they had 10lb weight attached and I started to have blurred vision as they started to cross one an other. I tried to resist but the need was to great.
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