_FuKt_ (tribal_fuk) wrote,

Yesturday actually went pretty damn well considering at first I didnt even want to go get tattooed. I got a few hours worked on my wrist my TNT is pretty much comeplete which is pretty important to me. I was very tired while I was at the shop, I planned on going to sleep when I get home but ended up staying up going to dinner with my parents and then going to visit my grandparents who are in the hospital. My grandfather is getting out of ICU as soon as they find a bed and my grandmother is getting out of the hospital all together so things are looking up. I came home and found some enjoyment talking to someone I have't talked to in a grip. Although the conversation wasn't in detail about current times and emotions, I recieved a bit from it. Graffiti jam today? I think I may go down and see whats up with that. I got dinner with the fams for my mother birthday too later. I need to get ahold of fucking robbie and make him sell me his truck, but I dont have his number and I have been putting it off sorta.

Each day is for myself, growth will come with each day. although the pain still resides.
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