_FuKt_ (tribal_fuk) wrote,

You know what, you cant focus on such things. I don't know if your friend had informed you but if you get some time check out jordan's page and the new estranged guy. I am going though the same shit. Although I am not letting myself get crazy. I completely cut myself off from her down to blocking her on aim. Although after reading your bulletin I did feel the need to go check her myspace out. It's a damn shame that people can move on so quickly. These people are different species then we are. They tend to run and and fall into someones arms to fill the void in their heart and forget the pain. We can't let the choices of others scold us as people. We need to take that this to use it as strength to put one foot in front of the other, if you dont take it like that you will be sucked into that black hole. To only make the mind state deteriorate and the days even harder. I personally have tried to do the same in the past yet to find myself, just filling a void. It didn't last either, just short enough to forget about myself, just long enough to ease the pain. When in such battles one cannot forget about one self.
It my be words of encouragement, it may not. take it as you like

Some words to a friend, that I can reflect on myself.
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